CANCam-CXP is, again an OEM platform, nevertheless a 2lane CXP3 frame grabber receiving CXP image data at a rate of up to 600MByte/sec. It is made to receive CXP image streams at a maximum rate of 2lane CXP3 and display the video data to a VGA/DVI monitor at a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels at 60fps.
It uses the standard S2I CXP core for XILINX Spartan6 FPGA, detects the CXP camera, downloads its XML file and starts image acquisition, all in a standard GenICam way. But as the product has no PCI slot, it will not connect to a PC, but all image processing and display has to be done locally inside the FPGA.
We have 4 standard frame grabbers in the CANCam-CXP family:
  • CameraLink BASE → CXP
  • Analog → CXP
  • VGA/DVI → CXP (project based)
  • CXP → VGA/DVI (project based)
All products are available in standard as industrial temperature range, please ask for a quote specify your video source here.