As FPGA as standards get more complex over the years, we thought it would be good to have a complete kit to start a new application on standard machine vision interfaces. Based on the FPGA modules of ENCLUSTRA who can offer modules from various vendors with various FPGA generations here is the solution called MVDK: machine vision development kit.

This kit can give this to you:

  • interface for CMOS and CCD sensors with parallel and serial interfaces at up to 1GBit/channel
  • HDMI output from PL for 1080p60 monitor interface
  • GEN<i>CAM compliant interfaces of: GEV, U3V and CXP
  • GigEVision = GEV at 1/5/10GBit, DEVICE and HOST from PS and 1GBit from PL
  • USB3Vision = U3V at 5GBit DEVICE with or without CYPPRESS FX3
  • CoaXPress = CXP at up to 12GBit, DEVICE and HOST from FPGA tranceiver
  • LINUX OS for FPGA softcore- or ARM-CPU with USB-OTG
  • RS232, some pins for basic FPGA and application debugging and Windows based GenAPI viewer software
  • available worldwide from Sensor to Image and it's distribution partners

Sensor to Image has done the hardware design on the base board and will do reference design for all GEN<i>CAM hardware interface on the kit, which are available after registration  for free download at Sensor to Image MVDK support website. Today these designs are ready:

  • GEV DEVICE at 1GBps with image test pattern generator. This is the default application for MVDK ordered from Sensor to Image
  • GEV DEVICE at 5/10GBps with image test pattern generator
  • U3V DEVICE with image test pattern generator
  • CXP DEVICE at up to 6.25GBps with image test pattern generator
  • HALCON Embedded trial in a 30min time limited version. This design is provided after MVDK registration by download from Sensor to Image website
  • ... more to come

The kit is today available for the following FPGA:

 and we are working on these FPGA to be released soon:

  • XILINX Zynq Ultrascale+™ MPSoC on Enclustra Mercury+ ZU1

Please understand that we give no support unless the kit is delivered to you and you get registered with a valid serial number for MVDK. We will include you in a dedicated mailing list for Sensor to Image internal use. With this mailing list we will offer centralized webcasts or training courses every quarter of the year, which are included in the standard delivery. If full core versions are needed, please get in contact with us to work on your individual support and delivery plan.