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The Frame grabber as the traditional form of interface between an industrial camera and the PC-based image processing workstation is going away these days and so we renamed our new product series to "Video converters" to indicate their purpose: convert any video signal in any direction to a standard GEN<I>CAM based hardware interface. But no worries, the products still capture analog or digital video signals and transfer them to the host-PC for further image processing (saving you to open the PC and install drivers).

The PCI grabber series Ramses was discontinued in 2013 and 2014, but we still have something like frame grabbers, but today there is no need to open your PC anymore as the current standard interfaces already reach the speed of PCIe.
The new generation of frame grabber is based on the GEN<i>CAM standard of GigEVision, USB3Vision and CoaXPress with speed up to 10GBit/sec.