U3V Core Lattice As in machine vision components, especially cameras, not only digital interfaces are needed we present here an FPGA core, which can control, drive and read out SONY PREGIUS® CMOS sensors.

The core from Sensor to Image supports these sensors:

  • Typ A:    2.4MP   IMX174/OK    IMX249      IMX302
  • Typ B:    3.2MP   IMX252/OK    IMX265
  • Typ B:    5.1MP   IMX250/OK    IMX264
  • Typ B:    8.9MP   IMX255/OK    IMX267      IMX305
  • Typ B:    12MP    IMX253/OK    IMX304
  • Typ C:    1.6MP   IMX273/OK    IMX296
  • Typ D:    0.4MP   IMX287          IMX297

with the tag OK meaning that our FMC hardware supports this sensor. the sensor within one line a lower cost variants of the main type in the left most column of the table. The IP is divided in 4 function blocks:

  • C library to write and read the sensor registers to set it up and run is in some modes
  • physical FPGA interface to sensor control registers
  • FPGA based timing circuit to be connected to the sensor
  • FPGA based Sub-LVDS sensor readout and De-serialization of sensor data

The output of the core can be directly connected to Sensor to Image Genicam interface cores and so it is very easy to develop cameras for custom application, where standard-off-the-shelf products are not suitable to use.

The design can be delivered in full VHDL and C sources and all INTEL-PSG and XILINX FPGA families supporting the sensor LVDS levels as speed are supported. To get an easy access to this design solution, Sensor to Image provides an Add-on FMC PCB, which can be used with XILINX AC701, KC705 and S2I MVDK.

You can find the data sheet here, and for further information click here...