As a specialist for imaging technologies and embedded systems, we focus our offers on products and services around machine vision.

Frame grabber for area- and line scanning-cameras belong to that, just as standalone image processing systems, cameras from third parties or self developed, if others do not meet our requirements.

An important feature of our products is flexibility. We design our components in a way, that they can be adjusted to custom needs quickly and cost-effectively. The advantage for you is to get a fitting component without unnecessary features, which leads to a fair price. Manufacturing is all done in Germany to ensure best quality.

In addition we would like to bring our experience into your projects, to find the best technical solution and not only the best price for your application. So coaching, training or a custom development based on our standard technology is part of our think as services. Nevertheless you'll find some standard products on the next pages, which are often basis for customized products. Don't be dissapointed when not finding exactly the product you are looking for. Talk to us, we will find a solution for you ...