U3V Core Xilinx In machine vision components, especially cameras, the standard USB3 Vision® is used for low cost machine vision cameras. This standard specifies a high speed protocol and direct interface to most modern PC's utilizing the standard USB3 connectors and cables. The protocol supports transfer of data, messages and events at speeds of more than 300MByte/sec. All communication and device power is transmitted over the single USB3 cable at a recommendable length of 3m.

Sensor to Image offers a complete U3V HOST, camera, reference design with Xilinx FPGA and CYPRESS FX3 USB3 controller, which you might already use in you current USB3 camera design. The camera core is fully compliant to U3V 1.0.1, registered at AIA and constantly tested on Plugfests around the world.

The design can be delivered in full VHDL and C sources and all Xilinx FPGA families are supported.

To get an easy access to this design solution, Sensor to Image provides FMC Add-on boards, which could be used on standard Xilinx evaluation boards to test the U3V DEVICE reference design.

Xilinx reference designs exists for following boards:

  • Spartan6® S2I CanCam-U3V base board
  • Artix7® AC701
  • Kintex® KC705
  • ZYNQ® ZC702

You can find the data sheet here, and for further information press here...