Active ImageCameras are the heart of a machine vision system. The quality of image data a camera offers, defines among others, what a machine can see.
There exist different types of cameras:
- line scan cameras are often used to inspect endless materials like in the paper industry. Line scan sensors only have one row of light detecting pixels.
- area scan sensors have a matrix of light detecting pixels to make an image of an area. This type is used for object detection, surface inspection and measurement tasks for example
- 3D sensors based on area scan sensors, TOF: time-of-flight, radar, ... never the less possible to control by a GEN<i>CAM® application

Beside the standard cameras you might use from vendors like Sony, JAI, Hitachi we mainly develop and produce cameras for special and OEM purposes. Our cameras are normally embedded into Vision- and Embedded-Systems or based on GEN<i>CAM® interface technologies. As we have standard CMOS, CCD, low-level-software and transport layer interface cores in stock, we can use these as the basis for these camera developments. This long term strategy of know-how and incremental development significantly reduces:

  • risk
  • development time
  • cost