Nowadays machine vision component design is a demanding and time consuming challenge. Systems get more and more complex, requirements grow to get more functionality to the device itself. To implement these features, FPGAs are an interesting technology, allowing a great flexibility and high calculation power.

To help system designers to focus on company specific innovations, Sensor to Image is developing some FPGA cores, which take over standard functionality often used in machine vision components.

Machine Vision Interfaces


As there is always the question of prices around, but our GEN<i>CAM core are made in a very nice granularity we need some information to give the right price for the right core. The minimum information for all GEN<i>CAM core is:

  • Which interface technology are you looking for?
  • Which FPGA do you want to use?
  • Do you want to build a GEN<i>CAM DEVICE=camera or a HOST=(embedded) frame grabber?
  • Which potential production quantity are you planning?

If you have special requirements, don't hesitate to contact us and please do not forget we have a free core evaluation program for some standard hardware available here or have a look at the core categories below and let us know your demand.


  • RS232 UART
  • IIC Controller (Master, Slave)
  • SPI Controller


  • Video Display Controller (VGA, DVI, PAL)
  • Timing Controller for analog cameras
  • Overlay Display Controller
  • Scan Rate Converter for displaying images